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Threaded Rod

Nylon_Threaded_RodBluemay nylon threaded rod is manufactured from nylon 6.6 bar, one of the hardest and strongest grades of engineering plastic. Our threaded rod is also available in polypropylene and acetal. The sizes the plastic threaded rod comes in are measured in standard Isometric coarse to DIN 975 encompassing

M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12, M16 and M20.

Threaded rod is also available in Imperial BSW, BSF, BSP size from ¼” to 1″and in American UNC, UNF size from ¼” to 1″.

Bluemay threaded rod is produced in standard 1,000mm lengths and can be cut to any length very easily by the end user, or we can supply studs cut to any length from 50mm. Longer lengths may be made to order.

Bluemay nylon threaded rod is produced to a strict quality-controlled specification which is more critically controlled and exacting than for commercial nylon. Raw material for nylon 6.6 rod is granular tested to meet tight tolerance for melt flow index, tensile strength is accurately controlled and finished product is checked for cracks and inclusions.

We are justly proud of our nylon threaded rod. Click here for technical data, mechanical and thermal properties and safe working loads.  Contact our technical Sales Team on 01380 821821 to discuss your requirements.