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Injection Moulding Machine and Process Engineering Equipment Information

Battenfeld_40tBluemay has a long history of investment in plant and machinery to cope not only with present needs but also to be ready for the future, and if necessary we purchase a new machine to cope with our customer’s specific requirements.


Our current range of Arburg and  Battenfeld machines enables Bluemay to offer customers a few samples or multi-thousand component production runs, and includes:



  • Operator-free 2 minute mould changes, giving greater flexibility of operation and reduced set up costsauto tool change Battenfeld
  • Automatic monitoring of product quality
  • Automatic process control via “closed loop” systems
  • SPC production data support for quality control
  • Machines from 7 tonnes to 200 tonnes
  • Shot weight from less than 1g to 200g
  • Gravimetric blenders can meter and mix four ingredients and feature precise metering valves for precision colorant and additive blending

An extensive range of ancillary equipment means Bluemay also offers melt flow index testing, desiccant drying, precision colour dosing and steam moisturising/conditioning.
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