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Machining & Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet System

Bluemay’s machining service gives customers the flexibility of trialling a plastic component without the investment required for injection mould tooling. It is especially useful for prototype work or testing sample products in the correct material prior to production of proper tooling, and where the desired component is not suitable for the injection moulding process.

We also cut plate materials such as nylon, acetal, polypropylene and others to required size, and offer precision water jet cutting of components that may be small and intricate, unusually shaped or required in small quantities for proving and testing. The water jet can cope with most materials.

Water Jet Cutting Head

Our micro cutting water jet system employs three cutting heads on a bed size of only 700mm by 400mm. We can achieve very tight nesting and the kerf width (material removed) is as little as 0.15mm with
water and 0.75mm with abrasive, which means minimal material wastage. This also allows a high degree of accuracy and tolerances of +/- 0.05mm are achievable. As there are virtually no sideways cutting forces, very thin or intricate sections can be cut even in thicker materials.

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