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Environmental Policy Statement

In its commitment to excellence in manufacturing and to the environment Bluemay Limited will:

  • Ensure legislative compliance and, where practicable, exceed this minimum requirement by incorporating sound environmental management polices and practice into the work of all Company departments.
  • Promote a purchasing policy that will give preference, where practicable, to those products and services that cause the least harm to the environment.
  • Reduce the consumption of fossil fuels by reducing loads, by improving the energy efficiency of lighting, power, heating and ventilation systems, and by the environmentally sensitive design of new and refurbished buildings.
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of hazardous substances and processes, and take all reasonable steps to prevent harm to staff, the public and the environment where such activities are essential.
  • Develop efficient waste management and recycling procedures and use recyclable and recycled materials wherever practicable.
  • Promote an awareness of environmental consequences in the use of Company transport.
  • In providing an appropriate working environment for staff, where possible to maintain and conserve Company premises and grounds in a way that protects natural habitats and benefits wildlife.
  • Collaborate with appropriate external organisations to improve understanding of environmental problems and their possible solutions.
  • Revise this Policy Statement annually to ensure best practice and compliance with legislation.